Greg Garr   

Director, Market Creation, Technical Center, Umicore Autocat USA Inc

We are excited to learn more as we proceed to work together on a testing plan that will inform us more on how unique this product is enabling us to enter the small engine market.

Knowing how challenging emissions will be….for small engines, we know how important it will be to create the best solution not only to meet these targets but to provide value and low cost to the end customer.

Umicore, as we presented to you, has a global footprint to support localized production and support anywhere in the world.  Our many years’ experience in emissions control will be a good asset to MEMPRO and the end customer to continuously improve what we believe to be a great product for meeting emission legislation requirements.  Just as you recognized the small engine has potential to become a very large global market.

We are discussing with our top management how to develop a strategy to work with MEMPRO.