Our Management Team:

NOXFOX™ filters are supported by a world-class team of specialists and entrepreneurs.

John Finley, MBA

CEO, MEMPRO USA Ltd. & Managing Director, MEMPRO Ltd.

John’s roles include executive and financial functions. He also oversees customer development. Following formal education in science and management, John worked in corporate finance, marketing & sales, product development and international business. He manages MEMPRO Ltd. and MEMPRO USA Ltd. from Cleveland, Ohio.

George Moxon, JD

Director, MEMPRO Ltd. & Intellectual Property Manager

George manages international intellectual property strategy, contributing several patents he obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office. He earned a chemical engineering degree and law degree before practicing intellectual property law at a global company and a US law firm. As a Director of MEMPRO Ltd., his entrepreneurial office is near Cleveland, Ohio.

Cameron Patterson, BS

Communications Manager

Cam is responsible for communications with customers, vendors, investors and stakeholders. Passionate about implementing and advancing sustainable solutions, he earned a degree in international business and contributed environmental solutions in Africa through the Peace Corps. He lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Advisory team:

Our global team has expertise in business and technology with a keen focus on advanced materials applied to environmental and process catalysis.

Gordon Bartley, PhD, Catalysis, India

Jan Buk, BS, Manufacturing, EU

Gary Carlson, PhD, Materials, USA

George Chase, PhD, Materials, USA

Josie Goodall, PhD, Catalysis, UK

Jed Johnson, PhD, Manufacturing, USA

Pramod Koradia, MS, Catalysis, USA

Antonino LaRocca, PhD, Engines, UK

Tim Luft, BS, Global Trade, UK

Steve Maddox, MBA, Finance, USA

Mike Richard, PhD, Catalysis, USA

Gary Wnek, PhD, Materials, USA