NOXFOX™ technology has benefits of cost, adaptability and durability. 


NOXFOX Catalytic Filters:

Our first major product created using NOXFOX nanofiber technology are catalytic filters specifically designed for the small off-road engine market (SORE). For an industry that currently has no form of emission controls on their engines, these filters offer significant competitive advantages.

  • Thermal Durability: By using ceramic nanofibers, our filters are inherently stable, creating excellent thermal durability as well as a high surface area that maximizes catalytic activity.
  • Low Cost: Our patented ability to embed catalytic metals within these nanofibers reduces the amount of catalytic metals needed by up to 90%, significantly reducing cost.
  • Ready-to-Use: These filters can be formed fitted to any current exhaust system specifications, making them easily adoptable by engine manufacturers without the need to redesign their engines.


Environmental Emission Controls

The NOXFOX brand faces a first-stage, Environmental Emission Controls market believed to be $0.7 billion. The California Air Resources Board is working with the industry on emission requirements for small engines starting in 2020. Fourteen other US states have followed California, and 195 countries have agreed to similar air quality standards in the Paris Agreement of 2015. NOXFOX development for small engines began through collaborations in the US and UK in 2018. We are seeking global marketing and distribution partners.

Process Catalysis

We launched a development program for catalysis in the Process Industry during 2018. The global market for process catalysts exceeds $23 billion. Our manufacturing procedures can be adapted to produce nano-catalysts (much like the NOXFOX product) for the Process Industry. We are seeking partners in development, marketing and distribution.

Composite Materials

In 2014 and 2015 we pursued the use of nanofibers as material additives for composites. The use of nanofibers in this application is based on the inclusion of high surface area fibers in organic and inorganic composite materials. Laboratory research has reported that nanofibers can improve composites. Hundreds of articles related to ceramic nanofibers have been published in respected journals. We are seeking partners in development, marketing and distribution.


NOXFOX-type nano-catalysts have application in fuel cells. Un-catalyzed ceramic nanofibers have been shown to have characteristics useful in photo-voltaics with the potential to lower costs in solar energy. We are seeking partners in development, marketing and distribution.

Advanced Filtration

Nanofibers have been used for decades to improve filtration, largely in organic filter media. Our research shows that inclusion of up to 10% nanofibers in standard microfiber filter media can more than double particle capture efficiency. We are seeking partners in development, marketing and distribution.