Our Management Team:

NOXFOX™ filters are supported by a world-class team of specialist and entrepreneurs.


John Finley 

CEO, MemPro Materials Corporation
Managing Director, MEMPRO Ltd.

John’s roles include executive and financial functions. He also oversees customer development. Following formal education in science and management, John worked in corporate finance, marketing & sales, product development and international business. As Managing Director of MEMPRO Ltd. and CEO on MemPro Materials Corporation, he splits his time between Cleveland, Ohio and Staffordshire, UK.

Jed Johnson PhD

Product Development Specialist 

Jed has refined pilot manufacturing for catalyzed ceramic nanofibers, focusing on efficiency and low cost. With materials science and engineering degrees through Ph.D., Jed is Nanofiber Manufacturing Manager for MEMPRO/MemPro and also manages a biomedical manufacturing company near Columbus, Ohio.

Chris Green

Global Sales

Chris is the administrative officer in the UK. Following a degree in civil engineering, Chris developed first-hand experience of international business in the US, Middle East and Asia, working in the process industry as entrepreneur, business owner and major company manager. As a Director of MEMPRO Ltd., his entrepreneurial office is near Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

George Moxon

Intellectual Property Specialist

George manages international intellectual property strategy, contributing several patents he obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office. He earned a chemical engineering degree and law degree before practicing intellectual property law at a global company and a US law firm. As a Director of MEMPRO Ltd., his entrepreneurial office is near Cleveland, Ohio.

Cameron Patterson

Communications Manager

Cam is responsible for communications with customers, vendors, investors and stakeholders. Passionate about implementing and advancing sustainable solutions, he earned a degree in international business and contributed environmental solutions in Africa through the Peace Corps. He lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

NOXFOX™ Technical Advisory Board

The advisory board is a team of experts from industry and research centers in the US, UK and India. They are dedicated to advancing the technical underpinnings of the NOXFOX brand.

Dr. Gordon J. J. Bartley

Ecocat India Pvt. Ltd.
Chief Technology Officer
Haryana, India

Gordon is a global expert in catalysis and catalytic processes. His career has focused largely on Environmental Emission Controls for automotive applications. After a year on the NOXFOX team, Gordon accepted a management position with a leading Indian exhaust gas catalyst manufacturer that supplies after treatment systems to vehicle and engine manufacturers to meet Bharat and EU emission standards. He continues to be an advocate for nano-catalysts as a means to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Dr. Gary Carlson

Tusaar Corp.
Chief Technology Officer
Colorado, USA

Gary was an early contributor to the NOXFOX project. He led the development of the PreciseFiber™ process to make functionalized ceramic nanofibers, which is scalable to make high volumes of nanofibers. During this developmental project he worked closely with The University of Akron and attracted funding and managed the NOXFOX project under the SBIR and STTR programs of The National Science Foundation. Gary has a continuing interest in automation of the PreciseFiber process.

Dr. George G. Chase

University of Akron
Director of Research, President of University of Akron Research Foundation, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ohio, USA

George has had a long research interest in filtration. His research group at the university conducted laboratory tests on NOXFOX filters for the treatment of small engine exhaust with positive results. He is the inventor of the method to make catalyzed ceramic nanofibers. The University of Akron Research Foundation holds a patent on this method, and the patent is now licensed to MEMPRO Ltd. He worked closely with Dr. Gary Carlson in transferring fiber-making knowhow, and he was an advisor during the PreciseFiber development.

Dr. Antonino LaRocca

The University of Nottingham                                                                                                            Associate Professor in Thermofluids, Powertrain Research Group, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Nino is a researcher in advanced engineering and internal combustion in collaboration with Ford Motor Company; work-in-progress covers a mixture of industrial-linked diesel projects, with analytical, computational and experimental work elements.  He has begun testing various NOXFOX filters on a small, gasoline-fueled lawnmower engine. His laboratory testing in the UK is linked to larger engine testing in conjunction with a global catalyst company.

Dr. Gary E. Wnek

Case Western Reserve University                                                                                                          Professor and Chair, Macromolecular Science & Engineering; Director, Advanced Films and Smart Packaging Systems Initiative; Secondary Appointments in Biomedical Engineering & Chemistry
Ohio, USA

Gary is a researcher who has long used electrospinning, which is the foundation of the PreciseFiber method of making ceramic nanofibers. His doctoral work at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, dealt with electrically-conductive polymers. He broadened his research as a faculty member at MIT, RPI and Virginia Commonwealth University before joining CWRU. His experience in electrospinning can lead to efficiencies in PreciseFiber manufacturing and to ceramic nanofiber applications beyond the Environmental Emission Controls market.