Chief Financial Officer


Using your financial skills and creativity, you will join a world-class team that is pursuing global, emerging market opportunities using patented, leading-edge technologies to help the environment and minimize the use of precious natural resources. The team is on track to realize significant financial success. Your equity will grow with the value of our global enterprise.


MEMPRO Ltd. (UK) and MemPro Materials Corporation (US) are sister companies that create products using advanced materials made by proprietary processes. The companies have a manufacturing process, known as PreciseFiber™ manufacturing, to make ceramic nanofibers embedded with Platinum Group Metals and other precious metals used in consumer and industrial products.

We are seeking an experienced Chief Financial Officer to join our de-centralized, world-class team, which works in the UK, US and India. The team is connected weekly by written updates and timely audio and video conference calls.

The current product development focus is the NOXFOX™ brand, which aims to improve air quality by inexpensively reducing pollution from gasoline (petrol) engines of all sizes. As emission regulations continue to be enacted after the Paris Climate Accords, in the automotive industry as well as for Small Off-Road Engine (SORE), NOXFOX technologies are primed to capitalize on new opportunities in the Environmental Emissions Control market by meeting and exceeding these new standards.

Other market opportunities made possible by the PreciseFiber process are in Chemical, Petroleum & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing; Composite Materials; Energy; Filtration and Medical Products. The product and licensing opportunities in these markets are significant.

The CFO will assist founder John Finley and the existing team in:

  • Developing a capital plan,
  • Raising growth capital (including equity and debt),
  • Establishing and executing a liquidity plan for investors.

The ideal CFO candidate will have at least 10 years’ experience in corporate finance and a broad network in the international financial community. He or she must have comfort with an understanding of engineering and product development. The CFO will work where he or she currently resides in or near a financial-center city (London, New York, Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.).

The CFO will be an equity-compensated management team member and will earn equity annually. A five-year commitment is required. Market-based salaries will begin for all management team members as soon as the first significant tranche of capital is raised.


Interested candidates should contact John Finley:  +1 303 204 5375