MEMPRO is a company in the $43 billion Advanced Materials market. Targeting the development, production and use of ceramic nanofibers in major industries, MEMPRO is first focused on the ability to manufacture ceramic nanofibers embedded with metals, commonly used in Environmental Emission Controls and Process Catalysis. In these applications, our technology has significant environmental and cost impacts. Our ability to make consistent, high-surface-area ceramic nanofibers also applies to the Composite Materials, Energy and Advanced Filtration industries.

Where We Came From:

John Finley started MemPro Ceramics Corporation in 2001 with the belief that inorganic materials offered untapped potential for new products in global markets. With production technology acquired from a major advanced ceramics company, MemPro began manufacturing filters for hot and aggressive gases. The business evolved and in 2005 MemPro invested in ceramic nanofiber research through collaboration with The University of Akron.


By 2009, the Akron research resulted in a laboratory method to make ceramic fibers embedded with Platinum Group Metals, together with the proof of concept that ceramic nanofibers can reduce the cost of Environmental Emission Controls by more than 50%.


MemPro spent 2010-2013 at facilities in New Mexico, Colorado and Ohio developing a scalable manufacturing process. The result was very positive, with an increase in nanofiber output of 3,000% (from a single fiber in the lab to more than 300 fibers). With this success and following a name change to align with broader markets, MemPro Materials Corporation began selling additives to the Composite Materials industry and participated in trade shows in the US and EU.


The Paris Agreement of 2015 put a global focus on air quality.  With the encouragement of the UK government, MEMPRO Ltd. was formed in Stoke-on-Trent to take advantage of ceramics industry expertise developed over 200 years in “The Potteries.”


In 2016 controlling shareholders agreed to merge MemPro Materials Corporation and MEMPRO Ltd. The NOXFOX™ brand was announced and product development commenced with collaborations in the Automotive and Catalyst industries. In 2018 commercial testing of NOXFOX prototypes began in the US and the UK.

Where We’re Headed:


As the leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, functionalized ceramic nanofibers, our vision is for NOXFOX filters to become mainstream additions to small engines around the globe, leading to a massive reduction in global air pollution, allowing manufacturers to meet or exceed rising air pollution regulations at little added costs, and delivering generous returns to our investors.

Regulations from the California Air Resource Board and the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as air pollution in major cities becoming a major humanitarian health crisis, has created a market opportunity for NOXFOX filters. With their combination of scalability, low-cost, and ease of adaptation, NOXFOX filters can be the first-to-market product line to globally address smog-forming pollutants from small engines.

Beyond this, NOXFOX technology has the potential to expand into a wide variety of process catalysis fields. With the help of corporate partners, we will seek to develop NOXFOX into a recognized brand for environmental catalysis solutions.