Experience NOXFOX™, a revolutionary brand of catalytic filters designed especially for small engines. Using groundbreaking nanotechnology developed over the last 12 years, NOXFOX destroys pollutants emitted by small gasoline engines. NOXFOX catalytic filters are efficient, cost-effective, and lightweight. Most importantly, NOXFOX represents green technology that will help us all breathe easier.

Presented by MemPro Ceramics Corporation, the global leader in ceramic nanofiber development, NOXFOX catalytic filters provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet new EPA regulations for small gasoline engines. These compact filters fit within exhaust systems, simply and economically, while destroying hazardous engine exhaust that causes smog, acid rain, and serious health risks.

Call us today to learn more about how NOXFOX catalytic filter technology will replace conventional catalytic converter technology.

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Filter vs. converter
NOXFOX catalytic filters are lighter and less costly than catalytic converters installed in cars. Compared to conventional converters, our filters use approximately 95% less catalyst material.