Catalytic Filters

Catalytic Filters of the Future

Our patented process allows us to embed catalytic metals into ceramic nano-fibers to assure maximum catalytic activity on a high surface area support

Over Ten Years in the Making

An international team of investors and catalysis professionals has developed NOXFOX catalytic filters to be the most effective, ready-to-use catalysis solution in the world

For a Clean Air Tomorrow

NOXFOX catalytic filters are specifically designed to address the previously unmitigated emissions from small off-road engines (SORE)

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NOXFOX™ catalytic filters are our solution to a relatively unmitigated source of air pollution: Small Off-Road Engines

Key Facts: 

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) declared by the early 2020’s, smog-forming emissions from small engines will exceed those of  passenger cars.

CARB has declared new emissions regulations, starting in 2020, and intended to be followed by 15 American states, for small engine emissions, immediately creating a market need comprising 30-40 million new engines each year in the U.S. alone.

NOXFOX catalytic filters have been designed as a cost-effective means of meeting these regulations without having to re-engineer small engine designs.

UK-based MEMPRO Ltd. and US-based MEMPRO USA Ltd. have spent years researching and developing this new line of products to support global air quality. Using a patent-protected manufacturing process, we are able to offer the next generation of environmental emission control products.

NOXFOX catalytic filters use a patent-protected process to embed catalytic metals into ceramic latticess. The result is a high surface area, cost effective filter that are ready-to-use. We are excited to introduce this product into the SORE market in 2021.